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Slot Myths

Slot Myth #1
Casino employees have the ability to change the odds on a slot machine, so stay away from machines that are being worked on. Payoffs are already pre-programmed by the manufacturer in a coded computer chip. It is impossible for anyone to change the odds because of this.

Slot Myth #2
If you play the slots closest to the entrance of a casino, those machines are more likely to pay out. This idea stems from people thinking that winning machines near the door will attract more people into the casino. This could have been true at one point in time before casinos were extremely popular, but this tactic is no longer necessary in today's gambling age.

Slot Myth #3
After a slot machine pays out, you shouldn't play it again because you won't hit the jackpot for a long time. Actually, the machines have no memory. The results generated are completely random and could even pay off in the next pull after a jackpot has been hit.

Slot Myth #4
Playing one coin at a time increase your odds of winning the big bucks. Chances of hitting the jackpot in slots is always small, but playing the maximum number of coins can raise the payout percentage.

Slot Myth #5
If there is an advertisement for a 75% payback on a slot machine, I will get back $75 for every $100 I play. These percentages are actually long-term percentages, which is the average income over quite a large period of time. When you are playing a slot machine, it could actually payout more or less than the advertised percentage.

Slot Myth #6
You will win more often if you pull the handle on the slot machine, instead of pressing the button. This is not true. Pushing the button and pulling the handle both mean the same thing to the machine. The only difference is your arm won't get as tired by using the button.

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