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Slots Tips

Read the payout schedule
First, you should read over the pay schedule carefully so you know the maximum coins to bet. This is because some machines only payout when you do this.

Play the maximum bet
Playing the maximum number of coins you can per spin is usually a smart move. This technique is particularly effective on progressive slot machines because to hit the jackpot on these machines, you need to place a maximum bet. So even if you get all the right symbols lined up, you could win less if you only bet a small amount.

Play the single pay line
Although the odds of winning are increased on the multi pay line machines, the single pay line will usually have larger payouts.

Double jackpots
Double jackpot symbols will get you double or even triple the payout. These symbols can replace any symbol, could be red, white and blue sevens or double and triple diamonds.

Other slot machine tips and advice
Always remember to check the value of symbols on each slot machine. Sometimes they could be worth different amounts from machine to machine. Also check out the payback percentage. This is the return you'll get on your bet. Most gambling establishments have machines with a payback percentage of over 75 per cent.

Stop while you're ahead
It's also important to set a limit for yourself and stop playing once you hit it. Just because you pump money into a machine doesn't mean you'll win or that you're guaranteed a large payout. If you win, stop while you're ahead. The more you try to win back your money, you'll probably lose all of your earnings and wind up spending more money.

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